Boating information

Watercraft are welcome at Steamboat Park Campground

You are welcome to bring your watercraft with you when you camp.  However, you must park your trailer in the overflow parking lot by the campground office at the park entrance.

We are opening our boat ramp  at the campground in Spring of 2018.  There is also a Ottawa County Parks boat ramp at Grand River Park which is about 2 1/2 miles downstream.

You may moor your watercraft to trees at the campground or beach them.  The river bottom is sand for most of the shoreline, which makes it safe for watercraft to tie up to shore.

The Grand River downstream from Grand Rapids is part of the Navigable Waters of the United States.  It and the connecting waters are public property and are navigable with care for the entire course from Lake Michigan to Grand Rapids.   This includes the gravel pit lakes accessible through the canal just downstream from Steamboat Park.

You are welcome to enjoy the public waterways.  Be aware that there are many sections of private land  along the river.  Please respect the private land owners and only go ashore at the known public park areas.  Ottawa County Parks maps here and Kent County Millennium Park map here 

The river here designated as “unmaintained” by the US Army Corps of Engineers.   This natural state, means that there is no marked “safe channel”  Do not run at high speed.  Good observational skills will avoid snags, old pilings and sandbars.   In the summer low water, it’s easy to see the navigable channel and riffles in the water mark snags and pilings.

Please observe a “no-wake zone” in front of the campground properties and be considerate of other campers with regard to motor noise and maintain safe distances from swimmers, kayaks, tubes and canoes.

Be safe and have fun!